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Frank Zappa - антология творчества часть 5-6 Album

Frank Zappa - антология творчества часть 5-6 Album

Performer: Frank Zappa
Title: антология творчества часть 5-6
Style: Avantgarde, Experimental, Parody, Jazz-Rock, Euro House, Eurodance
Released: 2004
Country: Russia
Label: Домашняя Коллекция, Навигатор
Size MP3 version: 2728 mb
Size FLAC version: 2885 mb
Size WMA version: 2698 mb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 575
Genre: Electronic / Jazz / Rock / Pop

Frank Zappa - антология творчества часть 5-6 Album


1Frank ZappaThe Beltway Bandits3:26
2Frank ZappaThe Orange County Lumber Truck Part II10:36
3Frank ZappaHR29113:36
4Frank ZappaCarol You Fool4:06
5Frank ZappaDo Not Try This At Home3:50
6Frank ZappaTrying To Grow A Chin3:44
7Frank ZappaNo Not Now5:50
8Frank ZappaPound For A Brown6:50
9Frank ZappaThe Girl In Magnesium Dress4:33
10Frank ZappaFor Duanne3:25
11Frank Zappa#4 Second Movement Allegro3:05
12Frank ZappaTitties And Beer6:13
13Frank ZappaThe Jimmy Carl Black Philosophy Lesson2:01
14Frank ZappaBobby Brown Goes Down2:44
15Frank ZappaNone Of The Above2:17
16Frank ZappaI'm The Slime3:13
17Frank Zappa#1 Second Movement Allegro Con Brio1:28
18Frank ZappaWhich One Is It3:05
19Frank ZappaOne Man One Vote2:35
20Frank ZappaDog Breath Variations2:07
21 FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention-85
22Frank ZappaThe Meek Shall Inherit Nothing3:14
23Frank ZappaHelp I'm A Rock1:38
24Frank ZappaIs That All There Is4:08
25Frank ZappaJoe's Garage2:20
26Frank ZappaNight School4:50
27Frank ZappaJones Crusher2:54
28Frank ZappaHoliday In Berlin0:57
29Frank ZappaBuilding A Girl1:00
30Frank ZappaSt.Etienne6:27
31Frank ZappaPentagon Afternoon2:27
32Frank ZappaOh No4:34
33Frank ZappaChana In De Bushwop4:52
34Frank ZappaHotel Atlanta Incidentals2:44
35Frank ZappaRoom Service6:22
36 Jazz From Hell-86
37Frank ZappaDinah-Moe Humm6:37
38Frank ZappaOnce Upon A Time4:38
39Frank ZappaG-Spot Tornado3:17
40 Francesco Zappa-84
41Frank Zappa#4 First Movement Andante2:20
42Frank ZappaT'Mershi Duween1:32
43Frank ZappaIn-A-Gadda-Stravinsky2:50
44Frank ZappaHeavenly Bank Account4:06
45Frank ZappaBut Who Was Fulcanelli2:49
46Frank ZappaI'm A Beautiful Guy1:55
47Frank ZappaLucille Has Messed My Mind Up2:52
48 Stage III
49Frank ZappaWhy Does It Hurt When I Pee3:07
50Frank ZappaSunrise Redeemer3:58
51Frank ZappaBrown Moses3:01
52Frank ZappaDon't You Ever Wash That Thing4:56
53Frank ZappaSweet Leilani2:39
54Frank ZappaWistful Wit A Fistful4:00
55Frank ZappaLove Story0:59
56Frank ZappaThe Perfect Stranger12:44
57Frank ZappaIII Revised1:45
58Frank ZappaProgress4:45
59Frank ZappaYo Cats3:33
60Frank ZappaThat Evil Prince1:18
61Frank ZappaSystems Of Edges5:32
62Frank ZappaThe Idiot Bastard Son2:40
63Frank Zappa#1 First Movement Andantino2:47
64Frank Zappa#2 Second Movement Allegro Assai1:20
65Frank ZappaRide My Face To Chicago4:23
66Frank ZappaRepublicans5:08
67Frank ZappaHolding The Group Back2:00
68Frank ZappaDupree's Paradise7:54
69Frank ZappaAgency Man3:17
70Frank ZappaHarry You're A Beast0:54
71Frank Zappa#6 First Movement Largo2:08
72Frank ZappaUncle Meat3:24
73Frank Zappa#6 Second Movement Minuet2:03
74Frank ZappaHe's So Gay2:46
75Frank Zappa#3 First Movement Andante2:24
76Frank ZappaBabette3:36
77Frank ZappaIn France3:01
78Frank ZappaZomby Woof5:39
79Frank ZappaSofa #12:53
80Frank ZappaCanadian Customs3:35
81Frank ZappaHarry And Rhonda3:37
82Frank ZappaWe're Turning Again4:55
83Frank ZappaDiseases Of The Band2:22
84Frank ZappaArtificial Rhonda3:30
85Frank ZappaExercise #41:37
86Frank ZappaThe Girl In Magnesium Dress3:12
87Frank ZappaTell Me You Love Me2:09
88Frank ZappaJazz From Hell3:01
89Frank Zappa#3 First Movement Andantino1:52
90Frank ZappaDrop Dead7:56
91Frank ZappaAin't Necessarily St.James Infirmary5:14
92Frank ZappaFood Gathering In Post Industrial America2:52
93Frank ZappaOrrin Hatch On Skis2:12
94Frank Zappa#3 Second Movement Tempo Di Minuetto2:00
95Frank ZappaHoney Don't You Want A Man Like Me4:16
96Frank ZappaThe Orange County Lumber Truck Part I0:47
97Frank ZappaWon Ton On4:18
98Frank ZappaBamboozled By Love6:06
99Frank ZappaIntro Rap0:37
100Frank ZappaWelcome To The United States6:38
101Frank ZappaKing Kong24:32
102Frank ZappaMedley3:28
103Frank ZappaBe In My Video3:30
104Frank ZappaThe Dangerous Kitchen1:50
105Frank ZappaEpilogue1:52
106 Ahead Of Their Time-68
107Frank ZappaAdvance Romance6:59
108Frank ZappaWinos Do Not March3:14
109Frank ZappaMove It Or Park It5:43
110Frank ZappaUndaunted The Band Plays On4:34
111Frank ZappaMudd Club3:17
112Frank ZappaYou Are What You Is4:31
113Frank ZappaMassaggio Galore2:32
114Frank ZappaThings That Look Like Meat6:54
115 Perfect Stranger-84
116Frank Zappa#2 First Movement Andantino2:15
117 Baby Snakes-82
118Frank ZappaSuicide Chump4:56
119 Guitar-88
120Frank ZappaAerobics In Bondage3:17
121Frank ZappaSwans What Swans4:24
122Frank ZappaDupree's Paradise24:00
123Frank ZappaBriefcase Boogie4:10
124Frank ZappaYou Didn't Try To Call Me3:39
125Frank ZappaThat's Not Really A Shuffle4:24
126Frank ZappaCocaine Decisions3:14
127Frank ZappaWatermelon In Easter Hay4:03
128Frank ZappaWhile You Were Art II7:18
129Frank ZappaRuthie-Ruthie2:57
130 Thing-Fish-84
131Frank ZappaPrologue3:07
132Frank ZappaWhat's New In Baltimore5:20
133Frank ZappaSofa #23:01
134Frank ZappaOh No3:22
135Frank ZappaCharlie's Enormous Mouth3:40
136Frank ZappaToo Ugly For Show Business4:20
137Frank ZappaOnce Again Without The Net3:44
138Frank ZappaKeep It Greasey3:31
139Frank ZappaThe Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves The Stage2:55
140Frank ZappaFine Girl2:55
141Frank ZappaTush Tush Tush2:49
142Frank ZappaRuth Is Sleeping5:56
143Frank ZappaDon't Eat The Yellow Snow20:17
144Frank ZappaCheepnis4:29
145Frank ZappaIntro1:43
146Frank ZappaPorn Wars12:05
147Frank ZappaThe White Boy Troubles3:34
148Frank ZappaSleeping In A Jar2:24
149Frank ZappaCosmik Debris5:14
150Frank Zappa#5 Second Movement Minuetto Grazioso2:30
151Frank ZappaDamp Ankles3:45
152Frank ZappaJim And Tammy's Upper Room3:12
153Frank ZappaLittle Beige Sambo3:02
154Frank ZappaRDNZL8:43
155Frank ZappaStinkfoot4:19
156Frank ZappaThe Black Page #22:51
157Frank ZappaKing Kong8:14
158Frank ZappaOutrage At Valdez3:27
159Frank ZappaTransylvania Boogie3:07
160Frank ZappaTimes Beach II7:31
161Frank ZappaTimes Beach III4:26
162Frank ZappaSexual Harrasment In The Workplace3:43
163Frank ZappaThe Mammy Nuns3:31
164Frank ZappaVariations On Sinister Footwear #35:16
165Frank ZappaDo Not Pass Go3:37
166Frank ZappaBeauty Knows No Pain2:55
167Frank ZappaChalk Pie4:52
168Frank ZappaBaby Snakes1:45
169Frank Zappa#1 Second Movement Allegro Assai2:02
170Frank ZappaOutside Now Again4:06
171Frank ZappaWhen No One Was No One4:47
172Frank ZappaThe Mammy Anthem5:41
173Frank ZappaJonestown5:27
174Frank ZappaBig Swifty8:47
175Frank ZappaThat Ol' G Minor Thing Again5:02
176Frank ZappaQuesti Cazzi Piccione3:03
177Frank ZappaG-Spot Tornado5:17
178Frank ZappaAlien Orifice4:10
179Frank ZappaI Don't Even Care4:39
180Frank ZappaEchidna's Arf (On You)3:31
181Frank ZappaThe Massive Improve'lence5:09
182Frank Zappa#2 Second Movement Minuetto Grazioso2:04
183Frank ZappaDrowning Witch9:22
184Frank ZappaDisco Boy3:51
185 Stage I
186Frank ZappaClowns On Velvet1:52
187Frank ZappaHands With A Hammer3:18
188Frank ZappaPlastic People4:39
189 Stage II
190Frank ZappaThe Dog Breath Variations1:38
191Frank ZappaThe Groupie Routine5:41
192Frank ZappaThe Crab-Grass Baby3:47
193Frank ZappaMontana10:15
194Frank Zappa#3 Second Movement Presto1:51
195Frank ZappaPound For A Brown2:12
196Frank ZappaPunky's Whips11:29
197Unknown ArtistDemo0:05
198 Yellow Shark-92
199Frank ZappaSharleena8:54
200Frank ZappaGet Whitey7:01
201Frank ZappaNig Biz4:58
202Frank Zappa#4 First Movement Minuetto2:10
203Unknown ArtistDemo0:05
204Frank ZappaUncle Meat2:29
205Frank ZappaPrologue2:57
206Frank ZappaWere We Ever Really Safe In San Antonio2:50
207Frank ZappaVillage Of The Sun4:34
208Frank ZappaOutside Now (Original Solo)5:28
209Frank ZappaZoot Allures6:09
210Frank ZappaLike It Or Not2:21
211Frank ZappaThe Torchum Never Stops10:33
212Frank ZappaSatumaa3:51
213Frank ZappaHarry-As-A-Boy2:34
214Frank ZappaThat's Not Realy Reggae3:17
215Frank ZappaDumb All Over4:20
216Frank ZappaInca Roads10:54
217Frank ZappaSociety Pages2:32
218Frank ZappaPygmy Twylyte8:22
219Frank ZappaBe-Bop Tango3:43
220Frank ZappaNaval Aviation In Art2:45
221Frank ZappaApproximate8:12
222Frank ZappaThe Florida Aeroport Tape1:04
223Frank ZappaLet's Make The Water Turn Black1:51
224Frank ZappaGaloot Up-Date5:27
225Frank ZappaGOA4:51
226Frank Zappa#1 First Movement Andante3:31
227Frank ZappaDickie's Such An Asshole10:08
228Frank ZappaBig Swifty2:18


CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
noneFrank Zappa антология творчества часть 5-6 ‎(2xCDr, CD-ROM, Comp, Unofficial, MP3)Домашняя Коллекция, НавигаторnoneRussia2004
noneFrank Zappa антология творчества часть 5-6 ‎(2xCDr, CD-ROM, Comp, Unofficial, MP3)Домашняя Коллекция, НавигаторnoneRussia2004
noneFrank Zappa антология творчества часть 5-6 ‎(2xCDr, CD-ROM, Comp, Unofficial, MP3)Домашняя Коллекция, НавигаторnoneRussia2004
noneFrank Zappa антология творчества часть 5-6 ‎(2xCDr, CD-ROM, Comp, Unofficial, MP3)Домашняя Коллекция, НавигаторnoneRussia2004
noneFrank Zappa антология творчества часть 5-6 ‎(2xCDr, CD-ROM, Comp, Unofficial, MP3)Домашняя Коллекция, НавигаторnoneRussia2004


An American Composer
First Stage

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[Disc 1 Label Notes]
Frank Zappa | часть 5 | MP3 MUSIC | Домашняя Коллекция
[Disc 2 Label Notes]
Frank Zappa | часть 6 | MP3 MUSIC | Домашняя Коллекция

Disc 1 was previously released as Frank Zappa - CD5 [1982-1992] An American Composer.
Disc 2 was previously released as Frank Zappa - CD6 First Stage,

Track 1-124 & 2-92 taged as: demo.mp3 / 00:05


  • Barcode (Text): 4 619497 411525
  • Barcode (Scanned): 4619497411525


  • Record Company – ООО "Элком"
  • Manufactured By – ЗАО "Полимер-сервис"


Посмотреть сведения об участниках альбома, рецензии, композиции и приобрести альбом 2004 MP3, 192 kbps, 44 kHz CDr от антология творчества часть 5-6 на and FLAC version of Frank Zappa - антология творчества часть 5-6. Frank Zappa. Album: антология творчества часть 5-6. During his lifetime, Zappa released 62 albums. Since 1994, the Zappa Family Trust has released 54 posthumous albums as of July 2020, making a total of 116 albumsalbum sets. The current distributor of Zappa's recorded output is Universal Music Enterprises. A list of albums of Zappa's music by other artists is also included. Memories of El Monte 1963, The Penguins, Original Sound. 2019 Live In Chicago, 1973. Concentration Moon. 2019 Live. The Best of Frank Zappa Vol. На странице Вы можете бесплатно скачать любые альбомы и сборники песен Frank Zappa Фрэнка Заппы в mp3 качестве без регистрации и смс. Zappa BestofFrankZappa ZappaAlbums Frank Zappa has over 100 official album releases. In this video I break down 5 essential albums to help start list of the Top 10 Frank Zappa albums. He'd return nine months later with a reunited Mothers, his first gold-selling album and a turn toward more commercially accessible music on 'Over-Nite Sensation. Waka, Jawaka' 1972. Like 'The Grand Wazoo' see No. 9 on our list of the Top 10 Frank Zappa Albums, 'Waka, Jawaka' plays around with various forms of fusion. But it also serves as a bridge between Zappa's avant-rock work and his later, more sophisticated jazz and classical material. A sequel of sorts to the earlier instrumental excursions found on 'Hot Rats,' '. Frank Zappa's Album антология творчества часть 5-6. Listen to all tracks of антология творчества часть 5-6 for album. 578,094 listeners. Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart. 18,638 listeners. Dweezil Zappa. 30,066 listeners. Van der Graaf Generator. Zappa In New York - Frank Zappa. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией